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3 Ways to Stretch Your PPC Budget

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When it comes to PPC campaigns, there will always be one factor that enables you and limits you: your budget. While your ad copy, landing pages, and keywords are a big part of the success of your campaign, your budget is what will make you or break you in the end.

If you are working on a tight budget, or you just don’t want your money to be wasted, it is important to consider hiring a professional PPC management firm. This type of professional will help you stretch your budget so you can obtain as many clicks as possible for the least amount of money.

How To Stretch Your PPC Budget

So what can you, and your top ppc management company, do to stretch your budget for your PPC campaign? If you want to make the most of the money you spend, there are three specific steps can you take to ensure that every bit of cash you put into your campaign counts.

Keywords- Reducing your costs may be as easy as looking at the keywords you are using for your campaign. Have you seen an incredible increase in traffic lately because of your general keywords? While this may be exciting, it may not indicate that you are using the correct keywords. General keywords work well for some companies who are looking for branding or simply for increasing traffic, but if you are trying to target customers who are willing to purchase your products or services, more specific keywords may be best. Specific keywords cost less than general ones, and customers who use them to find your ad copy or site are more likely to covert and actually buy something.

Ad Text- Your ad copy supplies your customers with a unique description of your product, service, and website. Have you taken a look at your ad text lately? It needs to be as descriptive as possible to attract the right customers. Before a visitor clicks on your ad, he or she will read the text. If they do not believe it applies to them, they will move on. If your ad is too bland, you may attract more visitors to your site, but you will be spending more money on visitors who are not interested in what your business is offering.

Targeting- Honing in on your local market through geo-targeting and day-parting can help you avoid spending extra money while targeting the right customers. With geo-targeting, you target individuals in one region who may be interested in your product. Day-parting will allow you to lower the amount of money you spend on your bids during business down times, such as when your employees have gotten offline for the day or during ordinarily slow times when your regular customers are sleeping. With this type of targeting, you can make sure you are still available to your customers during busy times of the day and ensure you are targeting individuals who are truly interested in your product or ppc agency

With the help of a PPC management firm, you can find unique ways to stretch your PPC budget and still create a successful PPC campaign. This will ensure your money isn’t wasted and you are targeting the right customers.