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According to the instated definition of Wikipedia, Information Architecture (IA) can be defined as the “the art and science of organizing and labeling websites.” Supporting the usability factor in website designing, the information architects focus on collating the principles of design and architecture to the digital landscape. Coined by Richard Saul Wurman, the term “information architect” is completely different from the user experience. The information architecture typically constitutes of the model or concept of information that is used and applied for addressing the unambiguous details of the complex information systems. As per Jessie James Garrett, IA facilitates in effective communication. However, the same resource (Wikipedia), explains the term User Experience (UX) as “the way a person feels about a product, system or service.” The feeling also includes the person’s perceptions of the practical aspects of the product such as the ease of use, usability, and efficiency of the system. Taking the Information Architecture as the foundation of user experience, the website design is brought to a complete new level.┬áDo you want to learn more? Visit ux design agency.

The term Information Architecture is an old term compared to the web. Focusing on the structure of the content and organization of structure, the websites are organized to help user navigate through seamlessly. From simple brochure formats to complex information systems, the architects create usable content infrastructure out of the complex sets of information. Using the user centered design methodologies, the Web Design And Development Companies construe usability tests, persona research and user flow diagrams to create the frameworks. However, this is only a part of the UX design.

On the other hand, the UX design takes this informational framework and considers factors of navigation and its ability to enhance engagement. Employing a user-based design, the Web Design And Development Companies are able to produce cohesive, desirable, and predictable emotional effect on their target customers.

The emotional tug ensures that the user elicits a sensitive response contextual to the website. The UX website designers make things more profound, laying emphasis on the users and their emotional content. Encompassing the whole spectrum, the UX is IA, mixed with usability, content strategy, and creativity. Or rather as Darren Northcott puts it, the love child of Information Architect and Creative Director is UX.

Difference between the IA and the UX designers

The IA designers will conduct competitive analysis to generate page flows, sitemap, and wireframes. Usability tested, refined, and revised, the workflow then proceeds to the website designer to be implemented. The UX designers consider the IA’s workflow and consider the emotional objectives of the user. The competitive analysis is based on the interactivity levels rather that layout and structures.

Building on the structure provided by the IA, the website designed takes the user experience to complete new level. It is important to connect both creatively and emotionally and this is what the website designed collating both IA and UX achieve.